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Contact Management

Integrated Calendar
Comprehensive Daily Planner
Designed for the Phone Call Centric    Recruiting Process
Easily Track the Critical Steps of your    Recruiting Process

Business and Work Flow Management

Flexible and Powerful Business Process    Support
Easily Adapts to any Recruiting Workflow    or Process
Track Recruiter Productivity
Integrated Management Reporting Tools

Microsoft Word™ Integration

Unique WinSearch Icon Toolbar Inside    Microsoft Word
Powerful Resume Processing
   and Document Management
Handle Skill Sheets, References, etc.    Effortlessly
Insert your Company Logo in your Resumes

Microsoft Outlook™ Integration

Sync your Outlook & WinSearch
   Contacts and Calendar
Get WinSearch Data on your Phone
Single Click Processing of Resume    Attachments
Automatic Logging of Client & Candidate    Emails
Automatic Processing of Inbound Resumes

Job Order Management

Job Order Activity & Workflow Tracking
Integrated Sales & Recruiting Functionality
Easy Web Site Posting

Resume Processing

The Fastest, Most Accurate Processing
   on the Market
Process Resumes from Microsoft Word or    Outlook with a Single Mouse Click
Easy Resume Processing from any Web    Page
Batch Input Capability
Duplicate Checking & Duplicate    Management
Unique Keyword Highlighting Functions

Ease of Use

PowerClick™ Navigation
Quick & Easy Data Retrieval
Numerous Time-Saving Functions

Search Engine

Comprehensive Key Word & Full Text    Searches
List Results by Relevance
Powerful Bulk Emailing Functionality