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Physical Security

Access to our Data Center is monitored    24x7x365 and is restricted to authorized    personnel only, via proximity card and    access code
Access to our equipment in the Data Center    is restricted to authorized personnel and    our equipment is housed in physically    secured cages and racks

Servers & Network Equipment

RSI Cloud Service is built on industry    leading, best of class technology    components
We utilize enterprise class servers from    Dell, Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches from    Dell and Cisco, and routers and firewalls    from Cisco and Watchguard Technologies

Virus & Intrusion Detection Systems

Malware protection provided and virus    definitions are    updated multiple times daily
Emails and files are automatically and    continuously scanned and treated for    malware
Our firewalls and routers are designed to    identify and mitigate security threats    including worms, Trojans, viruses, and    denial of service (DOS, DDOS) attacks

Network Connectivity & Bandwidth

Redundant, geographically diverse T-3    Internet connections provide a full 45Mbps    throughput with automatic failover via BGP

Environmental & Security Controls

Temperature and humidity control is    maintained by 240 tons of HVAC cooling,    distributed via a pressurized downdraft    system
State-of-the-art laser air sampling fire    detection technology backed by a pre-action, double interlocked dry pipe fire protection system   
Industrial class uninterruptible power    systems (UPS) boasting 940 Kilovolt    amperes of power capacity, with    expansion capabilities up to 2.1 Megawatts
The UPS systems are redundantly supplied    by diversely distributed utility power and    backed up by a 2.1 Megawatt, 6800 gallon    diesel generator

Private Client File Storage

You are provided with a secure and    private file storage area
Similar to a local file server, you can store    files outside of your SQL Server database
You can add additional directories and    customize your own directory structures

Data Redundancy & Backup Systems

We maintain redundant systems for all of    our RSI Cloud Service components    including servers, switches, firewalls,    routers, hard drive arrays, network cards,    etc.
Data backups (including all emails, files, and    databases) are performed nightly to disk    based storage and then to tape library
Daily backup sets are maintained for 4    weeks and a single monthly archive set is    maintained for 24 months